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Volunteer Loan Assistance Program

The General Assembly established the "Volunteer Companies Loan Fund" on July 15, 1976 with Act 208.  The Volunteer Loan Assistance Program (VLAP) provides loans at a fixed 2% interest rate to volunteer fire, ambulance and rescue companies for the acquisition, rehabilitation or improvement of apparatus, facilities and equipment.

Since its inception, the program has approved more than $408 million in loans for the commonwealth’s volunteer emergency services community.

Loans are made for the following purposes:

to purchase new, or to repair/rehabilitate apparatus that no longer meets NFPA standards and to bring it into such compliance

to construct or modernize those portions which house apparatus or purchase a used facility

to purchase accessory, communications or protective

Loan Amounts
The type of project and the project cost will determine the loan amount.

Application and Instructions
The Volunteer Loan Assistance Program application and instructions are available online.

The VLAP staff provides professional, courteous assistance to all applicants.  Contact us at 800-670-3473 or (717) 651-2200 or via e-mail using